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GREG JOHNSON - The Greg Johnson Anthology

GREG JOHNSON - The Greg Johnson Anthology

Greg Johnson (born 1968, Auckland, New Zealand) is a singer/songwriter of melodic, lyric-based pop. He has seen success both as a solo artist and writing for others. Since 2002 he has been a resident of the United States, living in California.
Over the years, he has toured with Dave Dobbyn, The Wallflowers and The Exponents. He was also a founding member of the band, The Greg Johnson Set. He continues to tour frequently in New Zealand, USA and Europe.

He has written and co-written several songs for Strawpeople, and in 2005 collaborated with Russ DeSalvo and Arnie Roman a song for New Zealand artist Amber Claire. He has also released three albums with jazz side project Bluespeak. In 2005 Irish band Grada covered his 1992 hit song "Isabelle."

Since moving to the USA, Johnson has had songs placed in TV shows including The Hills',[1] Party Of Five, Beautiful People, High School Reunion, Road Rules. Film placements include 50 Pills and Entry Level.

In 2007, his song "Hold Tight" was used in the New Zealand drama series Shortland Street during the wedding of characters Sarah Potts and TK Samuels.

A well overdue full retrospective of Greg Johnson’s career showcases all his hit singles as well as live favourites and a new song that gives it’s name to the collection, Some Other Place, Some Other Time.

  • Details

    Track Listing:
    Disc 1:
    2.Save Yourself
    3.Now The Sun Is Out
    4.I Got Opinions
    6.Don't Wait Another Day
    7.Looking Out On Monday (Radio Edit)
    8.It's Been So Long
    9.Pleasure & Overdose
    10.Don't Be The One
    11.Maybe Your True Love
    12.Old Revolutions
    13.Hibiscus Song
    14.Some Other Place, Some Other Time
    15.Beautiful Storm
    16.Handles Of Pearl
    17.When The Rain Comes
    18.The Meter Running
    19.Comet Song

    Dis 2:
    2.Anyone Can Say Goodbye
    3.You Stay Out Of Your Life (And I'll Stay Out Of Mine)
    4.New Car Smell
    5.Mountain Lion
    6.Maori King
    7.Say Hello To The Old Town
    9.Admit You've Changed
    10.Sunny Day
    11.Hold Tight
    12.Talk In This Town
    13.Tennessee Train
    14.The Little Things
    15.Two Feet Off The Ground
    16.If I Swagger

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