Darcy Perry (guitar, vocals) is an entertainer with a deep understanding of the blues. He has played with some of the worlds' best -- and it shows! Hailed as New Zealand's premier blues band, in 2006 their release 'Heavy Rain' entered the national album charts. 

Darcy Perry, Craig Bracken and Simen Taylor feature along side harmonica heavyweights Brendon Power, Midge Marsden and Shayn Wills. The album continues the tradition and features great tracks from the likes of Midge Masden, Tura "Bullfrog" Rata, and Darcy Perry himself. A superb album from New Zealand's finest blues exponents.

"This is PURE blues, REAL blues and nothing but the BLUES!!"
- Mike Butler (Riffin' da Blues)
  • Details

    01. Craig Bracken - Want My Money Back
    02. Derek "Haggis" Maguiness - Life Is A Beautiful Thing
    03. Peri Grant - Pushing It Uphill
    04. Jack Craw - This Little Thing
    05. Shayn Wills - Only One
    06. Brian Glamuzina & Stingray - Big Time Baby
    07. Keri Betti & Indigo Blue - The Rain Won't Go Away
    08. Brendan Power - The Real Blues Reel
    09. Nate Taiapa & Darcy Perry - Blues Man
    10. Aaron Carpenter - Sunshower
    11. Mike Garner - Leaving Blues (All Around The World)
    12. Graham Clark & Grant Bullot - My Kidney's Going To Hell
    13. Midge Marsden - Carry My Blues Away
    14. Darcy Perry - Everybody Come Party
    15. Erna Ferry - A Little Kissing
    16. Tura "Bullfrog" Rata - Next Town