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I AM GIANT - The Horrifying Truth

I AM GIANT - The Horrifying Truth

On The Horrifying Truth, I Am Giant have bound together what they describe as “a collection of stories, thoughts, observations and exploration” into one cohesive and hard-hitting explosion of sound and melody. From first song ‘Purple Heart’ to closer ‘After The War’, the sharp lyrical themes draw the listener into the band’s own experience of a growing awareness of mortality and the slow loss of innocence.
And yet, I Am Giant have produced an album fuelled by a youthful idealism, not despite but because of the hard learned lessons that are a reality of modern life. The Horrifying Truth is pure, unadulterated rock, with its heart on its sleeve and an unquenchable fire in its soul
The London-based quartet is comprised of English vocalist Ed Martin, sticks-man Shelton Woolright (formerly of multi-platinum selling band Blindspott), bassist Paul Matthews (formerly of Auckland outfits Stylus and Tadpole) and veteran guitar-slinger Aja Timu, the last to join the IAG line-up
‘And We’ll Defy’ is the first single from I Am Giant’s much anticipated debut. Bassist Paul Matthews explains “‘And We'll Defy’ is a song about the human need to believe in and belong to something that can define and guide us and about how vulnerable and easily led we can become as a consequence.”
The album also includes all three of I Am Giant’s hit singles from their 2010 City Limits EP – ‘City Limits’, ‘Neon Sunrise’ and ‘Living The Crash’ – all of which hit the top two spots on The Rock FM’s national airplay charts, and have had combined sales in excess of 15,000, not to mention videos featuring world surfing champion Kelly Slater, champion skater Tony Hawke and some of the world’s best extreme athletes.

2011 Sony
  • Details

    Track Listing
    Disc 1:
    1 Purple Heart
    2 City Limits
    3 Let It Go
    4 The Escape Artist
    5 Electric Throne
    6 And We'll Defy
    7 Bodies In The River Nile
    8 Neon Sunrise
    9 Black Hole Of My Heart
    10 Nightvision
    11 Drag My Name Through The Mud
    12 The Haunting Of Elinor Shaw
    13 Living The Crash
    14 After The War
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