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JEREMY REDMORE - Clouds Are Alive

JEREMY REDMORE - Clouds Are Alive

Kiwi musician and songwriter Jeremy Redmore will release his debut solo album, CLOUDS ARE ALIVE, on Friday, July 25.
Self-written, self-produced and self-managed, the album was formulated in a very collaborative way. Before heading to the studio, Redmore involved his fans in the creative process by publicly posting numerous bedroom demos online to gather feedback and make the task of selecting the tracks to record in studio easier.
He then delved into the immensely talented stocks of local Kiwi musicians to record the songs. Two songs, ‘One Day Alone’ and ‘Waimarino’, were recorded with highly-acclaimed producer Wayne Bell at Roundhead Studio before Redmore took the helm himself on the remaining tracks at Dave Dobbyn’s Red Trolley Studio in Grey Lynn. The resulting songs were then mixed by Wellington’s Simon Gooding before being placed in the expert hands of New York’s Emily Lazar for mastering. CLOUDS ARE ALIVE features Redmore’s first single, ‘Bad Philosophy’ and follow-up ‘Run Run’,

2014 Warners
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    Track Listing:

    1.Bad Philosophy
    2.One Day Alone
    3.One Plus One
    4.Drag Me On Home
    5.So Easy
    6.Travellin’ Song
    7.Run Run
    8.All I Ever Wanted
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