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JULIA DEANS ~ Modern Fables

JULIA DEANS ~ Modern Fables

Known as Fur Patrol's charismatic and charming front-woman, Julia Deans has been singing fables and truths to New Zealand audiences since the late 90s. Now she presents her long awaited solo album. 

Julia Deans' Modern Fables is a step away from the driving rock and anthemic, sonic journeys Fur Patrol created. While there are still moments of rock grandeur, Deans has allowed more of an introspective, acoustic pop side of her songwriting to emerge. At times tinged with folk, at others pure balladry, Modern Fables showcases a talent gracefully exploring other avenues of musical expression.

Modern Fables is an album that many have been anticipating for a long time. Worth the wait, this record doesn't disappoint; Julia Deans delivers some of the best songs she has ever written.

2010 Universal - Sony
  • Details

    1. Little Survivor
    2. Modern Fables
    3. Recovery
    4. A New Dialogue
    5. High And Clear
    6. Skin (Everything Is Coming to a Halt)
    7. Friend
    8. The Wish You Wish You Had
    9. Run
    10. Ice Cream
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