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LIAM FINN - Nihilist

LIAM FINN - Nihilist

Liam Finn will release his first album in three years. Dubbed The Nihilist, the album will be released April 4. The album’s 12 new tracks find Finn at his most refined and inventive in the studio, with other-worldly arrangements and blissfully catchy hooks.

2014 Universal
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    Track Listing
    1 "Ocean Emmanuelle"
    2. "The Nihilist"
    3. "Snug as Fuck"
    4. "Helena Bonham Carter"
    5. "Burn Up the Road"
    6. "Drearydroop"
    7. "Miracle Glance"
    8. "4 Track Stomper"
    9. "Arrow"
    10. "I"
    11. "Wild Animal"
    12. "Wrestle With Dad"
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