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On LB's sophomore album, be prepared to be taken on a musical journey of purples, blues and hazy oranges, with musical influences from the likes of Cream, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, beneath that uniquely NZ style.

No click tracks, no huge editing, just jams from start to finish, bro…

Little Bushman are back with their second album, 'Pendulum' - a musical journey that swings through our past, present and future, with the full band laying down rhythm tracks live to capture that special energy, (in the same way they did on their 2006 debut 'The Onus of Sand').

Sonically, 'Pendulum' is much broader than 'The Onus of Sand', with chief songwriter Warren Maxwell adding Nord keyboard, 12 string and electric guitar, harmonica, saxophones, tambourine and piano, to his usual blend of vocals and Rhodes piano. Bandmates Joe Callwood adds acoustic guitar; Tom Callwood brings violin, cello, electric bass and vocals; while Rick Cranson complements his drum kit with additional percussion and vocals.

2007 Nov.
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    01. Karanga
    02. Nature Of Man
    03. Corrupt Demeanour
    04. Mary
    05. The Seed
    06. The Seed Pt. II
    07. Holy Ground
    08. Next Time
    09. Pendulum
    10. War
    11. Peace
    12. Peaceful Man
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