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MAGIC - Don't Kill The Magic

MAGIC - Don't Kill The Magic

The story continues to build for Toronto born, Los Angeles based MAGIC! as the band's explosive hit single “Rude” breaks into the Billboard Hot 100 at #8 making it the week's greatest digital gainer. The chart position puts MAGIC! in the esteemed company of Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, John Legend and Pharrell Williams, among others
MAGIC!’s debut album, Don’t Kill The Magic. The band distills a gentle Caribbean flavour with arena-size bombast sound that is driven by its expansive approach to songwriting and a strong musical chemistry. Nasri (lead singer) and Mark Pelli (guitar) deliver elements of reggae with a pop and rock vibe; while Ben Spivak (bass) and Alex Tanas (drums) inject the rock attitude to create an intoxicating musical experience.

2014 Sony
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    Track Listing:

    2.No Evil
    3.Let Your Hair Down
    4.Stupid Me
    5.No Way No
    7.Don’t Kill the Magic
    8.One Woman One Man
    9.Little Girl Big World
    10.Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
    11.How Do You Want to Be Remembered
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