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MAISEY RIKA ~ Whitoria

MAISEY RIKA ~ Whitoria

Maisey Rika's third studio album, 'Whitiora' is a full Te reo album with 11 tracks. Maisey has developed her craft further as a singer-songwriter and works alongside fellow producer Mahuia Brdigeman Cooper. Songs include "Tangarao Whakamautai", the first single of the album which takes you on journey into the ocean and Maori legend. Other tracks include "Ruaimoko" featuring Anika Moa, which is a haunting reference to the Christchurch earthquake, mixed delicately with a string quartet. Maisey worked with a wide range of Maori songwriters to collaborate and create some angelic, original pieces. 

'Whitiora' has a natural organic sound bed. Michael Barker (John Butler Trio) provides a wide variety of creative percussion on the majority of album, also Joel Haines returns with his high quality guitar work. Together with Maisey's outstanding voice, demeanor and timing, 'Whitiora' is treat for your ears.

2012 Border
  • Details

    1 Karakia Timatanga
    2 Tangaroa Whakamautai
    3 Haumanu (ft Tama Waipara)
    4 Pomaries (ft Hairini Rika-Hill)
    5 Pumau Tonu
    6 Ruaimoko (ft Anika Moa)
    7 Te Ruatekau-ma-waru
    8 Ohomairangi
    9 Te Aroha
    10 Whitiora (ft Majic Paora, Ngatapa Black, Sidney Diamond, Ruia Aperahama
    11 Karakia Whakakapi
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