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MAMAKU - Twigs Of Gold

MAMAKU - Twigs Of Gold

Mamaku's celebrated electro-organic sessions have crystallised into a compelling new album with a wide emotional spectrum, drawing on trip-hop, quirky grooves, and chanson. 

The lush sound palette, organically electronic, carries tender vocals, broody harmony and rhythmic word. Cinematic layers of altered guitar, flesh out driving analog-synth bass lines and stirring beats. Woodwinds, horns and conch shells adorn the compositions with luminous lines and inspired improvisations. Dark yet playful, contemplative yet dynamic, this record, indebted to Aotearoa/NZ's soil and sea, offers songs of the moment with a truly global sensitivity.

Mamaku (formerly known as The Mamaku Project) was born of the meeting of two French Kiwi’s, Tui Mamaki and Monsieur E., both with a passion for music and travel. With one hand firmly in their roots and the other reaching into trans-cultural imaginings, the Mamaku Project have created a reputation for compelling musical performances, embracing elements of Chanson, Dub, Gypsy, World Electronica and Poetry.

Twigs of Gold features a stellar cast of players including, Will Scott (Sola Rosa) on drums, Gareth Priceless (Semi Lemon Cola, Dan Sperber Complex) on guitar, Kingsley Melhuish (Brassouls, Spargo) on conch shells and horns, Finn Scholes (Batucada Sound Machine, Carnivorous Plants Society) on trumpet, Oliver Emmit (Batucada Sound Machine, Bannerman) on trombone, John Ellis (Beyondensemble, Jews Brothers) on percussion, Maxime Berton (Cataclysm Box, Paris, France) on saxophone and bass clarinet, and founding members, Monsieur E. on synthesisers, keyboards, beats, backing vocals and accordion, and Tui Mamaki on vocals.

2014 Rythmethod
  • Details

    1. Berlin
    2. Mardi Gras
    3. Blank Canvas
    4. Pharoah’s Milkyway
    5. Angel In Gumboots
    6. Rain
    7. Twigs of Gold
    8. Mon Ami
    9. Taonga
    10. Much Too Much
    11. Oya!
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