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MIDGE MARSDEN  - Back to the Well

MIDGE MARSDEN - Back to the Well

Midge Marsden has enjoyed a well-documented music career spanning four decades in New Zealand, Australia, The UK and America.

An early career change and passion for rhythm and blues and roots music led a sixteen-year-old Midge to join the 1960’s band ‘Bari and the Breakaways’. At the end the 60’s Midge joined the NZBC working in radio, however music performance pulled him in again with the Wellington cult band ‘The Country Flyers’; followed by several years in Australia with ‘The Phil Manning Band’. On return to New Zealand in the mid 80’s he began a solo career forming ‘The Midge Marsden Connection’ and then ‘The Midge Marsden Band’.

This resulted in several albums and a loyal fan base and following. Midge’s career highlight was the platinum selling album ‘Burning Rain’ in 1990. The intervening years have been a combination of teaching music, performance, song writing and touring.

Based on the very successful album: ‘Travel n Time’ (2008) with sales of over 4000, Midge started work (in 2012) on the concept album ‘Back to the Well’.

In collaboration with songwriters Neil Hannan, Arthur Baysting, and Alex Deane, Midge drew from life experiences growing up in Taranaki, performing and touring in America, his early music life in Wellington. Also included are cover versions of some much-loved songs that ‘fit the concept’ of the record.

The outcome is a very different and personal themed album. In his own words Midge says ‘this is a project unlike anything I have done before and I hope that people enjoy the end result ‘Back to the Well
  • Details

    1 Love is an Ocean
    2 Maxton, Mo and Bloxie
    3 I’ll Drown in my own Tears
    4 Stuggling Man
    5 Down to the Bone
    6 That’s what I love
    7 Payback in the Pipeline
    8 Back to the Well
    9 Big Medicine
    10 Growing out of the Blues
    11 One Bad Hammer
    12 That’s no way (to get along)
    13 Tiger Town
    14 Time is on my Side
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