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Celebrating seven years of The Winery Tour! 

The Winery Tour started in February 2007 and during the 2013 run, will celebrate the 100th show.

A collection of the great music from ALL the great artists that have been part of the tour.

Fine wine and equally fine songwriters have been bunched together (like grapes, I guess) since the annual Winery Tour became a part of the New Zealand summer musical landscape in 2007.

This compilation of what's been and a sampler of what's to come with Fat Freddy's Drop, The Adults and Anika Boh & Hollie's stomping pop anthem Slipping Away is vacuum sealed for lazy afternoons and early evening sunsets.

The art of song has been the predominant soundtrack for these "wining and dining" events and in artists such as Bic and Boh Runga, Dave Dobbyn, The Muttonbirds, Brooke Fraser, Tim Finn and Anika Moa you've certainly got vintage to go with the vino.

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    2007: Bic Runga - Listening for The Weather
    2007: Boh Runga - Evelyn
    2008: Brooke Fraser - Albertine
    2008: Goldenhorse - Maybe Tomorrow
    2008: Anika Moa - My Old Man
    2009: Dave Dobbyn - Welcome Home
    2009: Anika Moa - Dreams In My Head
    2009: OPSHOP - One Day
    2010: Finn/Runga/Dobbyn - Weather With You (Live)
    2010: Boh Runga, Che Fu - Come Together
    2011: Brooke Fraser -Something In The Water
    2011: OPSHOP - Sunday's Best Clothes
    2011: Midnight Youth - All On Our Own
    2012: Gin Wigmore - If Only
    2012: The Mutton Birds - Anchor Me
    2012: Avalanche City - Love Love Love
    2013: Fat Freddys Drop - The Raft
    2013: Anika Boh & Hollie - Slipping Away
    2013: The Adults - Anniversary Day (Live with the CSO)
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