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NICO & VINZ - Black Star Elephant

NICO & VINZ - Black Star Elephant

n April 2013 they released "Am I Wrong" under the name Envy. In January 2014, the duo changed their name from Envy to Nico & Vinz, in coordination with their signing to Warner Bros. Records in the United States to avoid being confused with other artists with a similar name.[5] With international success of the single, the duo changed the credits of the single to the new adopted name. The song has peaked to number 2 on the Norwegian Singles Chart, the song has also peaked to number 2 on the Danish Singles Chart and number 2 on the Swedish Singles Chart.[4] It was followed up with another release "In Your Arms" which also charted in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.[4]

The music video for "Am I Wrong" was directed and edited by Kavar Singh. The video for "Am I Wrong" was filmed in Botswana and at the Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was put together in a deliberate effort to present a positive side of Africa when the image of the continent is too often mired in negative news stories.[6] The music video was released via YouTube on June 20, 2013, and has been gaining much attention with over eighty million views.[7] The group played many different major Norwegian television-shows and kept saying they would aim even higher and try to break through into American audiences.

In early 2014, Nico & Vinz received the European Border Breakers Award (EBBA) at Eurosonic Festival, performed at the Spellemann Awards, completed a Scandinavian tour, and launched “Am I Wrong” worldwide.[8] When “Am I Wrong” made its American radio debut in April 2014, it was the #1 most added record at the Top 40/mainstream format with 90 adds, a rarity in first-week airplay for a new artist. As one of the most "Shazamed" songs worldwide, “Am I Wrong” sits at #1 on Shazam’s Top 100 Worldwide and has peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.[9] It is currently #3 on SoundHound's hottest chart. “Am I Wrong” continues to skyrocket up both streaming and download charts
  • Details

    01. Intro (Interlude)
    02. Am I Wrong
    03. Last Times
    04. Leave Us (Interlude)
    05. Know What I'm Not
    06. Miracles
    07. New In Town (Interlude)
    08. My Melody
    09. Powerful (Interlude)
    10. Another Day
    11. People
    12. Runnin'
    13. Imagine
    14. Homeless
    15. Lakota (Interlude)
    16. Thought I Knew
    17. Arrival (Interlude)
    18. When The Day Comes
    19. Kokadinye (Interlude)
    20. Imaa Imaa
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