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OPENSOULS - Standing In The Rain

OPENSOULS - Standing In The Rain

'Standing in the Rain' is the eagerly anticipated second album from one of New Zealand's best-loved soul-funk bands, Opensouls!

Formed in 2002, Opensouls have steadily risen through the ranks of the New Zealand music scene since beginning their combined musical journey.

Comprised of 2 vocalists, M.C. Bjorn Petersen and singer Tyra Hammond and a live band including Jeremy Toy a.k.a. Ota (guitar/MPC), Julien Dyne (drums), Chip Mathews (bass), Steph Brown (keys), Scott Towers (saxophone), Isaac Aesili (trumpet/vocals) and Harlin Davey a.k.a. DJ Buttafinger (turntables), the collective possesses an abundance of musical flair and experience which they used to great effect on their critically acclaimed debut album, 'Kaleidoscope'.

August 2009 Rhythmethod
  • Details

    Track Listing:

    1.Standing In The Rain
    2.Telephone Song
    3.Love Turns Wild
    4.When Ya Gonna Stop
    5.Walk Away (Warm Love)
    8.Blind to See
    9.Leave the Light On
    10.Spend Some Time
    11.Hold You Close

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