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PALOMA FAITH - A Perfect Contradiction (Deluxe)

PALOMA FAITH - A Perfect Contradiction (Deluxe)

Deluxe Outsiders Edition Includes A Bonus CD Of Paloma's Performance At The BBC Proms 2014!
'A Perfect Contradiction Outsiders Edition' is the re-pack of Paloma Faith's amazing third album. and ARIA top 5 smash. which followed 2012's double platinum selling "Fall To Grace." The album features a roster of legendary music icons. singer-songwriters and producers including Pharrell Williams (who collaborated on first single "Can't Rely On You"). Diane Warren. Plan B. John Legend. Stewart Matthewman and Raphael Saadiq.Most of the collaborators actively courted Paloma. with Pharrell approaching her at the Met Ball. and D Warren repeatedly calling to ask Paloma to listen to a song she had written with her in mind.

'A Perfect Contradiction' marks a change in sound for Paloma. She said: "Its tone is the very opposite of what the last album was. There are a couple of melancholy moments. sure. but it's much more a 'if it's all gone to shit. fuck it. let's have a dance' kind of record."

2014 Sony
  • Details

    Track Listing:
    Disc 1:
    1.I Can't Rely On You
    2.Mouth to Mouth
    3.Take Me
    4.Only Love Can Hurt Like This
    5.Other Woman
    6.Taste My Own Tears
    7.Trouble with My Baby
    8.The Bigger You Are (The Harder You Fall)
    9.Impossible Heart
    10.Love Only Leaves You Lonely
    11.It's Not Knowing
    12.Beauty Remains
    13.Ready For The Good Life
    14.Leave While I'm Not Looking
    Disc 2:
    1.Mouth to Mouth (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    2.Take Me (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    3.Trouble with My Baby (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    4.I'd Rather Go Blind (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    5.Other Woman (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    6.It's The Not Knowing (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    7.Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    8.Upside Down (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
    9.Can't Rely On You (Live from BBC Proms 2014)
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