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Originally from Perth, producers Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen together with acclaimed local DJ Paul 'Elhornet' Harding, exploded onto the dance scene in 2002. Finding extraordinary success both here and abroad with their first independent release (220,000 records in the UK), the band have developed a happy partnership for their follow up, releasing with Warner Bros UK. With their sound ranging from drum & bass, breakbeat and hardcore, to finding influence in metal and punk, their comparable talents have proved to be an unstoppable force. 
  • Details

    Track Listing

    1 Showdown
    2 Different
    3 Propane Nightmares
    4 Visions
    5 Midnight Runner
    6 The Other Side
    7 Mutiny
    8 9000 Miles
    9 Granite
    10 The Tempest
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