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The Phoenix Foundation are set to return with their new and sixth studio album, 'Give Up Your Dreams.' It's a shrewd and vibrant reminder that in The Phoenix Foundation's gloriously absurd world of Technicolour pop, it's the challenges you set yourself that reap the greatest rewards.
"'Give Up Your Dreams' could sound like a defeat but it represents something quite defiant, joyous and celebratory," exclaims co-frontman Samuel Scott of the record's infectious rhythmic driven sound and optimistic feel. It's the sound of a band with the pressure-off, embracing a freedom to explore and hone their sound at their own pace.
Channelling 'Fandango's beauteous side, but this time fuelled by a spit ball of irrepressible energy, 'Give Up Your Dreams' feels like the band's most contemporary offering yet. With the new addition of drummer Chris O'Connor, the album was written taking its lead from the rhythm section for the very first time; paving the way for an all new creative process.
Recorded within the pow-wow setting of the band's Car Club HQ in Wellington, it's the first time the band felt totally comfortable and confident in taking on production duties entirely themselves. Thematically and lyrically the group typically took inspiration from various of sources. The dazzling title-track is a frank de-glamourisation of life on the road spurred on by a conversation with dear friend, collaborator, and fellow New Zealander Lawrence Arabia.

2015 Universal
  • Details

    Track Listing

    1 Mountain
    2 Bob Lennon John Dylan
    3 Playing Dead
    4 Prawn
    5 Jason
    6 Celestial Bodies
    7 Silent Orb
    8 Sunbed
    9 Give Up Your Dreams
    10 Myth
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