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REGGAE AROUND THE WORLD Various Artists (Putumayo)

REGGAE AROUND THE WORLD Various Artists (Putumayo)

From Jamaica to Australia, Rio to Timbuktu, reggae has become one of the most popular musical genres of our time. Reggae Around the World proves music has no borders. Featuring many rare and unreleased tracks, Reggae Around the World will have you jammin' the night away.
Reggae music burst forth from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, fully formed and ready to conquer the world. Through the simultaneous release of Bob Marley & The Wailers' Catch A Fire and the classic film "The Harder They Come," starring Jimmy Cliff, reggae found an enthusiastic international audience for the first time. Throughout the 70s, Jamaica's distinctive backbeat music, laced with its message of peace, love and the homegrown spirituality of Rastafarianism, continued to spread around the globe.
The classic Marley sound continues to influence musicians around the world; its musical stylings affect the music of Native Americans and Australian aboriginals; pop, country and jazz bands freely incorporate its 'riddims.' Some completely embrace the music and its culture while others use it as spice to their own mix of sounds. It is of little wonder that reggae has joined rock 'n roll as one of the most pervasive, popular musics of our time. Whatever the case, Reggae Around The World proves that music has no borders.
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    1 Zeca Baleiro - Salão de Beleza - (Brazil)
    2 Blekbala Mujik - Drangkinbala - (Australia)
    3 Lucky Dube - We Love It - (South Africa)
    4 Majek Fashek - Promised Land - (Nigeria)
    5 Askia Modibo - Wadjou - (Mali)
    6 Rasha - Salib Faudi - (Sudan)
    7 Rocky Dawuni - In Ghana - (Ghana)
    8 Burning Spear - Jordan River - (Jamaica)
    9 Ernest Ranglin - Stop That Train - (Jamaica)
    10Peter Rowan - No Woman, No Cry - (United States)
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