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REGGAE PLAYGROUND - Various Artists (Putumayo)

REGGAE PLAYGROUND - Various Artists (Putumayo)

“You know a kids’ CD is a winner when you’re bopping to it in the minivan—and the car seats are empty.” – People magazine
“Undoubtedly the best children's reggae compilation on the market.” –
This joyous collection for kids and their families features a festive selection of tunes that reflect the crossover appeal and worldwide influence of reggae – a genre that is beloved all over the globe.
Reggae Playground presents renowned artists from reggae’s birthplace of Jamaica. Judy Mowatt, a former backing vocalist for Bob Marley and respected solo artist, invites listeners to get moving with her rousing “Let’s Dance.” The Jamaican reggae arrangement of the Burning Souls’ rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” demonstrate the adaptability of this infectious beat to almost any tune.
Other artists from diverse musical traditions who have adopted the reggae style and made it their own are also featured on Reggae Playground. For example, Johnny Dread, an artist of Cuban heritage who now lives in Miami, sings about “Rootsman Dread,” a colorful figure beloved by children. Jessica, from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, displays the popular blending of traditional sega music with reggae. Asheba, an artist who hails from Trinidad and is known for his Caribbean songs for young children, performs a "Happy Day.” The popularity of reggae in places as diverse as the United States (Eric Bibb), Brazil (Kal dos Santos), and even Indonesia (Tony Q Rastafara) is also demonstrated here.
  • Details

    1 Johnny Dread - Rootsman Dread - (United States)
    2 Asheba - Happy Day - (Trinidad and Tobago)
    3 Imua - Menehune Beach Bum Boogie - (United States)
    4 Judy Mowatt - Let's Dance - (Jamaica)
    5 The Burning Souls - Here Comes the Sun - (Jamaica)
    6 Kal dos Santos - As Meninas dos Meus Olhos - (Brazil)
    7 Eric Bibb - Turning World - (United States)
    8 Kaimana Band - Three Little Birds - (United States)
    9 Tony Q Rastafara - Pat Gulipat - (Indonesia)
    10 Jessica - Ying Yang - (Mauritius)
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