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ROD STEWART - Another Country

ROD STEWART - Another Country

Rod Stewart has finished work on his eagerly anticipated new album, Another Country, to be released on October 23rd via Capitol Records/Universal Music. Another Country continues a prolific new chapter in Stewart's storied career which began with 2013's, Time, his landmark last album which reintroduced him as one of rock's most gifted storytellers. 
"I've found that the only way to write songs is to be as personal and honest as possible," Rod explains. “And when my last album was so well-received it gave me the confidence to keep on writing, and to examine and write about different things. It also gave me the freedom to experiment with different sounds - like reggae, ska and Celtic melodies."
Collaborating closely with Kevin Savigar, who co-produced the album, Stewart embraced modern technology to record the album, "It seems like I've spent years of my life in a recording studio so being able to record this album at home, where most of the songs were written, felt so much more intimate and inspiring."

2015 October Universal
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    Track Listing

    1 Love Is
    2 Please
    3 Walking In The Sunshine
    4 Love and Be Loved
    5 We Can Win
    6 Another Country
    7 Way Back Home
    8 Can We Stay Home Tonight?
    9 Batman Superman Spiderman
    10 The Drinking Song
    11 Hold The Line
    12 A Friend For Life
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