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SALMONELLA DUB -Inside The Duplates

SALMONELLA DUB -Inside The Duplates

At the New Zealand Music Awards 2002, Salmonella Dub won:

*'Top Group'

*'Best International Achievement'

*'Top Engineers' (Dave Wernham, Tiki Taane, Paddy Free)

'Inside The Dubplates' is Salmonella Dub's best Cd to date. An extreme mix of dub, dancehall, and drum'n'bass that demonstrates the full diversity and musicianship of the Salmonella flavour.

'Inside The Dubplates' is an album for fans and for those who are yet to discover Salmonella Dub. They employed their old engineer David Wernham (now with Shihad) to record all their live instrumentation and Paddy Free to boffin and co-produce...

100% New Zealand Music
  • Details

    1. Problems
    2. Platetectonics (fartyboom)
    3. Love Your Ways
    4. Wytaliba Buy
    5. Tha Bromley East Roller
    6. Gospel According To Mant
    7. Push On Thru
    8. Loop 7
    9. Ramblings From The Anatoki
    10. Tui Dub
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