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SARAH BRIGHTMAN - A.L.Webber  Collection

SARAH BRIGHTMAN - A.L.Webber Collection


This album was released in 1999 by Polygram Records/R.U.G.

As I have mentionned before, in describing SURRENDER: THE UNEXPECTED SONGS and as I will mention again in talking about ENCORE, this is just, in my opinion, another attempt by Andrew Lloyd Webber to cash in on the success of Miss Sarah.

It has almost the same track list as SURRENDER and as such, is, again, in my opinion, a waste of money. When I had to scan the cover for the image above, I had not taken it out of the CD shelf for ever.

In my humble opinion, if you want a Sarah Brightman/Andrew Lloyd Webber CD, buy SURRENDER. And then save your money to go see Miss Sarah in concert or to buy another bottle of nice wine and some cheesecake and listen to EDEN again.

  • Details

    Track Listing
    1. musical: The Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the Opera
    2. musical: Unexpected Song Song and Dance
    3. Aspects of Love [From Chanson d'Enfance] - (French)
    4. musical: All I Ask of You Phantom of the Opera
    5. musical: Don't Cry for Me Argentina Evita
    6. musical: Another Suitcase in Another Hall Evita
    7. Aspects of Love [From Love Changes Everything]
    8. Amigos Para Siempre (Friends for Life) [Official Theme of the Barcelona 1992 Games]
    9. musical: Memory Cats
    10. musical: Gus: The Theatre Cat Cats
    11. Aspects of Love [From Anything but Lonely]
    12. musical: Macavity: The Mystery Cat Cats
    13. musical (original version): Tell Me on a Sunday Tell Me on a Sunday
    14. musical: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Phantom of the Opera
    15. chorus & orchestra: Pie Jesu Requiem for soloists
    16. musical: The Music of the Night Phantom of the Opera
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