From its thrash beginnings, to its later groove-metal endeavors, Sepultura's bloody roots have always been 100% Brazilian and 100% brutal. On The Best Of Sepultura, you can hear some of their greatest studio cuts for the first time on one CD. Get prepared for war with such classics as "Inner Self," "Roots Bloody Roots," "Refuse/Resist" and the tribal hit, "Ratamahatta." 
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    1 Troops Of Doom
    2 Beneath The Remains
    3 Inner Self
    4 Arise
    5 Dead Embryonic Cells
    6 Desperate Cry
    7 Refuse/Resist
    8 Territory
    9 Slave New World
    10 Biotech Is Godzilla
    11 Roots Bloody Roots
    12 Attitude
    13 Ratamahatta