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SHARON O'NEILL - Words: The Very Best Of

SHARON O'NEILL - Words: The Very Best Of

conic New Zealand artist Sharon O’Neill is set to release her complete career retrospective featuring 20 tracks personally selected by Sharon herself. It's Words: The Very Best Of Sharon O'Neill
Born in Nelson, Sharon & her sisters would sing along to the hit songs on the radio, then in the late 70’s Sharon got her big break & found herself on radio & TV with Hit songs of her own.

This collection brings together all the great tracks from Sharons career From Words & Face in a Rainbow through to the gritty Maxine.

Turn it up loud & sing with your favourite tracks you haven’t heard for ages.

2014 Sony
  • Details

    Track Listing:

    3.Asian Paradise
    4.Luck’s On Your Table
    5.Don’t Say No To Tomorrow
    6.Baby Don’t Fight
    7.Smash Palace
    8.How Do You Talk To Boys?
    9.Danced In The Fire
    12.Physical Favours
    13.Don’t Let Love Go (with Jon Stevens)
    14.Losing You
    16.For All The Tea In China
    17.Any Time You Want
    18.Radio Lover
    19.Waiting For You
    20.Face In A Rainbow

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