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Legacy Award winning Kiwi rock band, Shihad returned to the York Street studio to record their new album with Killing Joke frontman and producer, Jaz Coleman.

FVEY (pronounced ‘Five Eyes’) is the band’s ninth studio album and their second collaboration with Coleman who also produced their 1993 debut, CHURN.

When Toogood, Larkin, bass payer Karl Kippenberger and guitarist Phil Knight reconvened in Melbourne during the winter of 2013 for a lock down writing session it was a natural move to conjure up a brutal set of songs. Then, last December, it was into York Street with Coleman for a focused and fiery recording session to bring the 11 songs to life.
FVEY sounds unlike anything Shihad have done before, which is not bad for a band who have been around for 25 years. It's a beautifully raging and rumbling album but danceable and laced with grooves, perfectly highlighted in first single Think you’re so Free.

Injustice is something Toogood has been preoccupied with lately – and it's a strong lyrical motif throughout the record. "It's been my whole trip over the last year or so. So Jaz was the perfect foil for me, because I knew what I wanted to say, and he encouraged me and he would come in and say, ‘Stop whining and finish’. It was great because I need someone to tell me to stop whining.”

2014 Warner
  • Details

    Track Listing:

    1.Think You're So Free
    3.The Big Lie
    4.Grey Area
    5.The Living Dead
    6.Song for no one
    7.The Great Divide
    8.Model Citizen
    9.Wasted in the west
    10.Loves Long Shadow
    11.Cheap As
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