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SHIHAD - Meanest Hits

SHIHAD - Meanest Hits

Since kicking off their recording career in 1990 with the Devolve EP, the Shihad boys have gone on to release eight studio albums and an abundance of hits.

SHIHAD have confirmed the tracklisting for their NOVEMBER 7 greatest hits collection, THE MEANEST HITS.

After winning the Herald Legacy Award at last year’s New Zealand Music Awards, the band who have sold more than a quarter of a million records worldwide (and counting), and with nine full albums under their belt, are finally releasing their first career retrospective al­bum.

Fans can choose from a 20-track disc of their biggest hits or a limited edition deluxe package with 38 tracks, featuring all the hits and the band’s personal favourites.

2011 Warners
  • Details

    Track Listing:
    Disc 1:
    1.Home Again
    3.The General Electric
    4.You Again
    5.My Minds Sedate
    6.Comfort Me
    7.One will hear the other
    10.Beautiful Machine
    11.Wait and See
    12.Debs Night Out
    15.La La Land
    16.All the Young Fascists
    19.I Only Said.
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