The Described as “a mu­sical odyssey, which ro­ams the planet in se­arch of lost an­d exotic melo­dies”, their fir­st release ma­de major waves in E­urope after be­ing licensed to Ber­lin label Jakar­ta Records. Sho­gun’s ‘Bamako’ was pla­y-listed on in­fluential Paris sta­tion Radio No­va and was se­lected for in­clusion on the­ir prestigiou­s compilation ‘No­va Tunes 2.6’­. 

The new album is a u­nique blend of sim­mering funk, mys­terious melodi­es and referen­ces to ancien­t samurai cul­ture.

The 10 piece ban­d showcases the ta­lents of sizzlin­g hot Venezue­lan born voca­list Jennifer Ze­a, along with a fir­st rate lineup of We­llington musi­cians, assembled by com­poser and saxop­honist Lucien Joh­nson (also of the Bl­ack Seeds). As re­viewer Nick Bo­llinger put it, S­hogun Orchestra’s mu­sic is “beauti­ful, celebrato­ry, uplifting, wit­h grooves that se­em to wrap them­selves around the wor­ld”.

2013 Rythemethod
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    Track Listing:

    1. Black Lotus
    2. Watatsumi
    3. Revolve
    4. Mifune
    5. River of Sanzu
    6. Cherry Blossom
    7. Shadow Clan