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SIX60 - Six60

SIX60 - Six60

The Six60 sound is unique -- a fresh Kiwi fusion of roots, reggae, soul, rock and dubstep. Produced by Tiki Taane and Six60, one of the most eagerly awaited debut records finds the band carving out their own unique space in the music world. 

Executed with with a vibrant synthesis between live and electronic instrumentation, the songs range from minimal to maximal and somewhere in between.

Bonding over a shared love of NZ music and passion for making their own, Six60 formed after meeting at a Kora concert in 2006. Three members flatted together as Otago Uni students, spending countless hours in their recording studio (Eli's room) at number 660 on notorious Castle Street, Dunedin.
  • Details

    Disc 1:
    1. Only To Be
    2. Forever
    3. Beside You
    4. Windy Days
    5. Run For It
    6. Hard For Me
    7. Get
    8. Lost
    9. Rest of You
    10. In the Clear
    11. Green Bottles

    Disc 2:
    1. Don't Forget Your Roots
    2. Finest Wine
    3. Money
    4. Take It from Here
    5. Rise Up
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