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t's been 6 long years since Smashproof burst on the scene with Gin Wigmore singing the quintessential south auckland hit Brother. In 2009 they released their first album The Weekend and finally Smashproof have put together a new album called Forever. The newest release from the South Auckland boys has only one downfall and that is that there are only 7 tracks which barely makes it a full blown album. 

Unlike The Weekend, Forever is a 'collection of songs', and focuses more on the new digital age where each song on the album is being treated almost like a single, with a different style and feel, and with different ways to engage their audience. Forever is a diverse look into the personal lives of each of the group members, and includes those heartfelt, socially poignant, and memorable songs for which they have become so well known for with the general public, as well as the club/mixtape tracks which made them so popular on the streets of New Zealand.

The opening blast of Smashproof Watt takes cues from the old school style "roof on fire" hook and generic G-Unit beats. L.A.B the second track is a bass-thumping club pumper. "All we need are liquor and boom bangers" perfectly bringing together Tyree's hooks, Sidney Diamond's and Deach's commanding verses working proof that they're still having a blast together and still got it. The third track and epic title track has a Coldplay-style guitar riff flowing through it and a 'live for today' chorus, while Out of this world and survivor feat. Pieter T's sweet voice, include uplifting pop hooks and a great message not just for the youth they are role models for, but anyone who listens to this album. The final two tracks are Get By and Paint Fade featuring Drew perfectly round out such an eclectic album.

2014 Warners
  • Details

    1. Smashproof Watt
    2. L.A.B
    3. Forever
    4. Out Of This World (featuring Get Well)
    5. Survivors (featuring Pieter T)
    6. Get By (Southside Edit)
    7. Paint Fade (featuring Drew)
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