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SOLA ROSA - Moves On

SOLA ROSA - Moves On

Mission control, Auckland, New Zealand and six years after lift-off, and ANDREW SPRAGGON's multi award winning studio based electronica project SOLA ROSA 'Moves On'. The title of this third album is an explicit statement rooted in the reinforcement of the Sola Rosa experience. It's all about a bigger, more human sound achieved by the recruitment of a full band for both the recording and touring of "Moves On". WILL SCOTT (drums) and MATT SHORT (bass) keep the beat neat and sweet and the groove forever smooth. NED NGATAE (guitar)- a Red Bull Music Academy graduate is king of musical understatement. Finally, JOHN HIGHSTED, a master percussionist who is surrounded by THE most happening selection of congas and bongos, gourds and guiros. The band are joined by an A-list of guest vocalists: Former SINDECUT and JAH WOBBLE sideman SPIKEY T gives up the "Badman", the exotic and Berlin based Caribbean PAUL ST HILAIRE (aka TIKIMAN) makes "Breezes Blowing" as effortless as the title suggests. And finally DEVA MAHAL - the daughter of TAJ MAHAL and in demand singer to RECLOOSE and FAT FREDDY'S DROP - gives here sultry tones to the aptly titled "Redeemer"

February 2007
  • Details

    Track Listing
    Disc 1:
    1 The C'Mon
    2 What If? (feat. Nathan Haines)
    3 Redeemer (feat. Deva Mahal)
    4 Deadman Walking
    5 Badman (feat. Spikey Tee)
    6 Way Up
    7 Lights Out
    8 Breezes Blowing (feat. Paul St Hilaire)
    9 Dangerous Dub
    Moves On10
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