Aotearoa's drum & Bass duo State of Mind present their highly anticipated third studio album, 'Nil by Ear'. Combining catchy 3am ravers with seamless production and smooth vocals, 'Nil by Ear' is set to become an anthem of an album for a heavy hype night out. 

Through the driving party vibes and club friendly tunes, this is also an album of progression, with group member Stu Maxwell citing it as, "the peak so far of our technical skills." "It's carefully produced from start to finish,"

And while they've upped-the-anti technicality-wise, the lads have been careful to maintain their commitment to dance floor stompers and weehour wonders with the proof found in their tracks -- now tried and true -- smashing it up worldwide over the last six months.

Collaboration wise, the album features several of New Zealand's most talented vocalists including Shapeshifter's P.Digsss, Thomas Oliver, Sacha Vee, MC Woody, PNC, as well as American singer 3pm and production collaborators, Nymfo and DNME.

  • Details

    1. State of Mind & P.Digsss - Vega
    2. State of Mind feat Mc Woody - The Downward Spiral
    3. State of Mind & T.Oliver - Parasomnia
    4. State of Mind - Temporal 96
    5. State of Mind & PNC - Return of the Prophet
    6. State of Mind - Deeper Stories
    7. State of Mind - Novocain Dub
    8. State of Mind, Nymfo & DNME - Keep it Simple
    9. State of Mind & Sacha Vee - Three Dimensions
    10. State of Mind - Fucking Sellouts
    11. State of Mind, Subsonik & 3pm - Somebody Stop Me
    12. State of Mind - Punkd