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SURF FRIENDS - Endorphins

SURF FRIENDS - Endorphins

Auckland's Surf Friends' are back with their second album, Endorphins.
Showering listeners with washed out guitars, motorik rhythms, and sun-drenched synths, Endorphins has enough positive energy to make Tony Robbins seem despondent.

Following on from their Pitchfork accredited debut, Confusion, Pete Westmoreland and Brad Coley teamed up with Nick Roughan (Skeptics) to produce ten tracks filled with pop hooks and dreamy instrumentals. Add in some cameos from David Kilgour (The Clean) and you have an album carefully balanced between sonic haze, blissful guitars and looped grooves. With hand drawn cover art, and a special bonus Surf Friends glossary decoding the language of surf, Endorphins both looks and sounds like the perfect summer soundtrack.

  • Details

    1. The Sea
    2. Chance
    3. Breakin
    4. Mexico
    5. Summer
    6. Moving On
    7. Clean Deers
    8. Sea Outside
    9. Cool
    10. Yourself
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