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Tayla Alexander is an 11 year old classical-crossover soprano from Auckland who has been singing since the age of four. Songbird is her debut album. 

Tayla immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa with her family when she was about six months old. From the age of four she has been singing in front of audiences. She particularly enjoys doing charity work and has sung at the Auckland City Mission Christmas lunch event, and will do so again this year.

Tayla achieved record success in the Junior Vocal competition -the 58th Annual Festival 2012 JUNIOR VOCAL (2012 North Shore Performing Arts Competition) where she won all four categories and was the overall winner for her age group. Competition judge Janice Webb spoke of Tayla’s maturity, level of difficulty of the songs, her technique and of course her voice. She noted that it is “very rare for one singer to win all of the categories – and I have only ever awarded one other competitor first place in all categories.”

On signing Tayla to Ode, Roger Marbeck said: “I have never before heard a talent as young as Tayla, with crystal-clear highs as she possesses. She’s incredible

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    Track Listing:

    1.Dark Waltz
    3.Amazing Grace
    5.Over the Rainbow
    6.Danny Boy
    7.O Holy Night
    8.When A Child Is Born
    9.Ave Maria
    10.Let it Be
    11.Pie Jesu
    12.Hine e Hine
    13.Danny Boy (acappella)
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