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Since their debut album 'Gave You What You Wanted' was released in 2011 to glowing reviews, the Flaming Mudcats have been blazing a maelstrom up and down New Zealand, and were privileged to be invited to open the inaugural Field of Blues Festival in Rockford Illinois in July 2013. 

The trip was a career highlight for the band, which was warmly received on its whirlwind tour of the USA.

Upon their return, they set about recording their second album, Mistress, which spans styles across the blues genre, presenting a refreshing take on traditional blues themes. All songs are original, bar one: Albert King’s “Breaking Up Somebody’s Home”.

Featured guests on the album include the combined keyboard talents of Craig Denham, Justin James and David Thomas, alongside the Hellfire Horns for extra propellant on a couple of tracks.

From the incandescent slow-burner “Drinking My Life Away”, to the sly rumba groove of “Itchin’ and Scratchin”, this album is a blazing bonfire of boogie!

  • Details

    1. My Baby Rocks
    2. Can’t Take It With You
    3. Breaking Up Somebody’s Home
    4. Big Bad Wolf
    5. Drinking My Life Away
    6. Lately
    7. Itchin’ & Scratchin’
    8. Why’d You Break My Heart?
    9. Blue Nun
    10. What’s Good For the Goose
    11. Easy to Please
    12. Superman
    13. Heavy
    14. Boogie Tonight
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