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THE GREEN ROOM 005 WHANAU - Various Artist

THE GREEN ROOM 005 WHANAU - Various Artist

Welcome back to 'The Green Room 005: Whanau'. Volume 004 was slated as the final one, but the GR is back, by popular demand! 

Throughout this series we have enjoyed music to inspire global unity and environmental awareness, and promote positive change. In a time where we have more questions than answers about our future, 'The Green Room' series aims to provide a positive message delivered via creative expression.

"Somebody Tell Me" by Shihan The Poet is part of The Green Room 005: Whanau series and is dedicated to the loving memory of respected Green Party politician, the late Rod Donald.
  • Details

    01. Deva Mahal - Never Gonna Stop
    02. Shihan The Poet - Somebody Tell Me feat. Brutha Gimel and Gina Loring
    03. Solaa - Eyes Shut
    04. Freddie Cruger feat. ADL - Runnin’ From Love
    05. Recloose feat. Joe Dukie - Time Is On Your Side
    06. Dreadzone - I Know
    07. Headcornerstone - Hot Like Fire (Groove Corporation Remix)
    08. Noiseshaper - Walls Of Silence
    09. House Of Shem - Rise Up
    10. Mocky - Sweet Music
    11. Ursula Rucker - Rant (Hot In Here)
    12. Confucius - It’s Got To Be Funk Pt. 2
    13. The Illphonics - Deeper

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