Produced by The Paper Kites Alongside ARIA award winning producer Wayne Connolly (You Am I, Josh Pyke), the emotionally intense and harmony-drenched "States" will take the listener on a journey of delicate, folk-inspired landscapes with rich lyrics and a raw sonic beauty.
Following on from the band's first two EP's, "Woodland" and "Young North", "States" sees the Melbourne indie folk quintet put a moodier slant on their signature melodic sound. "The album is a lot darker than a lot of our previous work." says lead singer and guitarist Sam Bentley. "We really pushed our soundscapes and composition. I'm interested in the things beyond a song: textures, adding strings, brass, touches like that. The strange little noises are what sets this album apart from what we've done before and puts it on a whole different level."

2014 Sony
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    Track Listing:

    1. Malleable Beings
    2. St Clarity
    3. Living Colour
    4. Gates
    5. Young
    6. A Lesson From Mr Gray
    7. Tin Lover
    8. Cold Kind Hand
    9. Never Heard A Sound
    10. In Reverie
    11. Tenenbaum
    12. Portrait 19
    13. I Done You So Wrong