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THE QUIN TIKIS ~ Nz Premier Maori Show Band

THE QUIN TIKIS ~ Nz Premier Maori Show Band

• For the first time on CD, The Quin Tikis: New Zealand’s Premier Maori Show Band. Several dozen musicians passed through the ranks of the Quin Tikis during their 10 year period during the 60s and early 70s. 
• At their peak the group boasted a star studded line up which included arguably one of New Zealand’s finest singers of all time, Rim D. Paul, our very own ‘Voice In A Million’ Eddie Low, and not to be upstaged the vivacious Keri Summers whose voice and magnetism would always captivate an audience. They were not the only Stars in a group of Stars, Sam Mateparae was the consummate entertainer, Gary Wallace aka Wahrilich was the Harlem Globetrotter of the drums and a natural comedian, ably supported by Freddie Summers and Weazel Taiaroa.
• There were only two Kiwi movies made during the 60s, ‘Runaway’ and ‘Don’t Let It Get You’ with the Quin’s starring in both with drummer Gary even landing a separate co-starring role alongside Sir Howard Morrison. The group travelled the world and did four tours of duty entertaining American and ANZAC forces in Vietnam where their main transportation between gigs was by plane or tank. The group came under fire on several occasions but never wavered in their duty to entertain.

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    Track Listing

    1 Vaya Con Dias
    2 Hoki Mai Medley
    3 What Now My Love
    4 I've Got You Under My Skin
    5 The Two Of Us
    6 Let It Be Me
    7 Maria
    8 Canadian Sunset
    9 Thank You For Loving Me
    10 A Star Fell From Heaven
    11 Sunshine Superman
    12 You're The One
    13 I Will Be Home Again
    14 Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    15 She's The Girl
    16 Why Am I Alone Now
    17 Poi Poi Twist
    18 Theme From The Inspector
    19 Naturally
    20 Route 66

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