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The Wellington-based Platinum-selling trio Trinity Roots follow up 2004's Home, Land, and Sea with their highly anticipated third studio album Citizen. A progression from their previous two albums; musically & lyrically, they have expanded their palette of colours and painted an informed snap-shot of present day NZ. 

With the departure of Jean Pompey, Warren Maxwell (vocals, guitar) and Rio Hemopo (bass) are joined by new drummer Ben Wood (Newtown Rocksteady, Hikoikoi Reserve, Amiria Grenell, French For Rabbits). Citizen was recorded in the new Surgery Studio with legendary producer Lee Prebble (The Black Seeds, Pheonix Foundation, Flight of the Conchords).

Citizen will be released Friday March 13th, and the trio will celebrate with performances at the WOMAD festival in Taranaki, 13-15 March.
  • Details

    Track Listing

    1 Bully
    2 Citizen
    3 Clarity
    4 El Kaptain
    5 This Road
    6 Hercules
    7 Musings of a Cloud
    8 Village Man
    9 They Fall
    10 Haiku
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