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WARRATAHS - 25 Year Collection

WARRATAHS - 25 Year Collection

The year 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic Wellington New Zealand outfit The Warratahs. In honour of this momentous occasion, The Warratahs have put out a brand new double CD titled 25 Year Collection.

The release has 19 remastered songs from their back catalogue and a new five track EP - featuring new single
Kupe's Tears and a remake of their classic song Hands Of My Heart...

2012 Ode
  • Details

    1 Kupe's Tears
    2 Hands Of My Heart
    3 Mindreaders Blues
    4 Good Combinations
    5 Love Song (I'm Addicted) - Live

    Disc 2:

    1 Maureen
    2 Before This Night Is Through
    3 East Of My Eden
    4 Hands Of My Heart
    5 Cape Turnagain (feat Sam Hunt)
    6 Drivin' Wheel
    7 St Peters Rendezvous
    8 Westland Moon
    9 High And Dry
    10 Taranaki
    11 Rescue Me
    12 Brunos Last Ride
    13 Holy Morning
    14 Fools Paradise
    15 Down Your Street
    16 Only Game In Town
    17 Black Eyed Girl
    18 Letter To America
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