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WE CAME AS ROMANS - We Came As Romans

WE CAME AS ROMANS - We Came As Romans

Michigan melodic metalcore act We Came as Romans return with their hotly anticipated new, self-titled album!

The new album, which recorded with multi-platinum award winning producer David Bendeth (Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore, Of Mice and Men), is the follow up to 2013's 'Tracing Back Roots' and features first single, "The World I Used to Know.

2015 Universal
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    1 Regenerate
    2 Who Will Pray?
    3 The World I Used To Know
    4 Memories
    5 Tear It Down
    6 Blur
    7 Savior Of The Week
    8 Flatline
    9 Defiance
    10 1230
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