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WOMAD: THE WORLD'S FESTIVAL 2012 - Various Artists

WOMAD: THE WORLD'S FESTIVAL 2012 - Various Artists

Featuring international artists including STAFF BENDA BILILI, THE BLACK SEEDS, TRIO JOUBRAN, DOBET GNAHORE, and BAABA MAAL, 'WOMAD: THE WORLDS FESTIVAL' also includes tracks from local favourites BLUE KING BROWN, multi-ARIA award winner GURRUMUL and the new band from CROWDED HOUSE's Neil Finn, THE PAJAMA CLUB. Since 1982, WOMAD (the World of Music, Arts and Dance) has presented exhilarating festivals in countries all over the world, consistently thrilling capacity audiences with an incredible diversity of styles that always provokes and entices. WOMAD takes us to places we don't know, reaching compass points in music that are way beyond our navigation and imagination. Each year Womadelaide welcomes 80,000 visitors. It has become the biggest World Music Festival in Australia, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2012!

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    Track Listing

    1 Staff Benda Bilili - Moziki
    2 Anda Union - Hoorai
    3 Lo'jo - Je Prends La Nuit
    4 Trio Joubran - Naww r
    5 Pajama Club - Tnt For 2
    6 Chaplier Fou - Secret Handshake
    7 The Black Seeds - Bulletproof
    8 Blue King Brown - Never Fade Away
    9 Tu Rommie - Mahala Rai Banda
    10 Sharon Shannon - The Wild West Wagon Train
    11 Dobet Gnahore - Deka
    12 Diego Guerro Y Lel Solar De Artistas - Malos Tiempos
    13 Groundation - Humility
    14 Baaba Maal - Fanta
    15 Gurrumul - Gopuru
    16 Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma - Jhala
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