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ZOWIE - Love Demolition

ZOWIE - Love Demolition

New Zealand electro-punk artist Zowie (Zoe Fleury) presents her debut album 'Love Demolition' -- featuring gold selling single "Broken Machine", along with "Bite Back", "Smash It", and second single "My Calculator". 
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    1. Love Demolition
    2. You Treat Me (Like I'm Software)
    3. Smash It
    4. My Calculator
    5. Nothing Else
    6. The Bang Bangs
    7. King Of One Thing
    8. Zip It Up
    9. Anodyne
    10. Ping Ping
    11. Nasty Fun
    12. Idiotize
    13. Broken Machine **Bonus
    14. Love or Hate **Bonus
    15. Bite Back **Bonus
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