Terms of Service

By Registering with Bandaids as a entertainer (Including and not limited to Musicians, DJs, Motivational Speakers, Comedy & Dance Act.)

I understand that BandAids operates as an Entertainment Agency. Bandaids adds a commission fee on top of my performance fee. Any attempt by me to circumvent the process that BandAids operates within, will result in my removal from the site and loss of all future performance bookings that I had received through BandAids. I agree to inform BandAids if a client contacts me having learned about me through the site.


I understand that BandAids is a New Zealand website for New Zealand based bands. I understand that I have to have a NZ postal address to registar on BandAids.


I agree as a collective or individual member of a band, that it is my sole responsiblity to organise my own tax obligations. My relationship with BandAids is that of an independant contractor. I am responsible for paying tax to the Inland Revenue Department, not BandAids.



I understand that unless otherwise stated, I am expected to provide all necessary equipment for performance, including a professional quality PA system where applicable. (N.B. Applies to bands and DJs only and does not apply to motivational or public speakers, comedy or dance acts).


I agree to operate with a manner professionalism that is befitting in a work capacity at all times. I will refrain from any behaviour that might be deemed as inappropriate, by our clients. I will not bring alcohol or illegal drugs to any BandAids events for which I have been booked. 


I agree that all fees I am owed for performances I have been booked to play through BandAids will be paid directly to me by BandAids and that I will not attempt to contact the client to receive payment directly, or negotiate future performances, either now or in the future.

I understand that this includes and is not limited to: giving the client a business card, phone number, email address or other method of contact (including if directly requested by the client).  I understand that if the client attempts to pay me directly, I will direct them to instead deal with BandAids staff with regards to payment.


I agree to allow BandAids to promote my band’s image, name and any other details deemed suitable on its website and other websites, as well as in magazines, billboards and any other medium.  I understand that this will be done purely in the interests of promoting my band and BandAids, and not for any other reason.


I agree that if a guest at any event I perform at through a BandAids booking requests my contact details for a future event, I am required to pass on bandaids.co.nz URL and contact phone details and to request that they go through the website in order to book me for their event. 


I understand that this applies only if the guest approaches me regarding a future booking on the night of the BandAids performance - otherwise I am free to accept a booking without involving BandAids (i.e. at performances I have booked myself independent of BandAids).


I agree to represent my act honestly and truthfully at all times, in terms of audio samples, photos and other materials pertaining to my band.


I agree not to list contact details anywhere on my profile and understand that failure to adhere to this rule may result in my immediate permanent removal from BandAids.


I understand that these terms and conditions apply both to me as the contact person for my band and any other member of my group (if any).I understand that failure to honour this agreement may result in BandAids permanently removing me from the website.


BandAids reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time, and will inform all performers in the event of changes being made.