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Boogie Train



Marcus Roebuck -

Lead Vocal & Harmonica

Lead Singer of Nelson based blues band 'The Boogie Train',  and Front man for The Lizard Kings Doors Experience. Marcus started his musical path in his home town of Timaru, fronting bands, honing his talent for the harmonica and finding what became a lifelong passion for the Blues.
20 years ago Marcus made the move to Nelson, now a father of 5 , Roebuck also finds time to drive some of Nelson's most well known and respected bands.​

Glynn Olsen - Guitarist

Glynn attended Nelson School of Music in the late 80's and in the early 90's then went on to study at Christchurch Jazz School. He has also studied as an audio engineer, is a songwriter and has recorded and released his own recordings.
Glynn has a great love for the blues and has played with various Christchurch bands: Black Cat Bone, Box of Blues and Scarecrow. He has taught in schools in Christchurch & tutors on guitar he is highly respected by his peers. Since 
moving back to his home town, Nelson in 2003 he has played in The Brandy Creek Band,  Acoustakats  & Currently for 'The lizard Kings Experience'

An exciting blues based stylist this stunning musician is humble about his talents merely saying that he "likes to play a little guitar..."


The Boogie Train is a Nelson based four piece blues band. If you have a passion for the blues, these guys will transport you to very places they sing about. Be prepared to tap your feet & dance the night away cos this band knows how to entertain & believe me you will be entertained.

Members Include:


Sahn Bishop -

Sahn is a multi-instrumentalist, playing bass for Nelsons premier blues band, Boogie Train and The Lizard Kings (Doors experience).He is also a singer songwriter taking an eclectic approach to solo acoustic originals. With percussive intensity and arresting vocals, he is unafraid to explore emotive territories while maintaining lightness of touch, honesty and humour. After several years performing locally and nationally, he is now gaining momentum with his solo experience.


Bruce McGregor - Drums

A drummer since birth, Bruce fully realised this as a 6yr old, after witnessing Cozy Powell playing 'Dance with the Devil' on UK music show 'Top of the Pops'. Influenced by Cozy, Clem Burke, Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland, John Bonham and Neil Peart to name but a few; the drumming of John Densmore came to him as a teenager via the music of The Doors first album. "I'd never heard anything like The Doors, and their whole theatricality and incredible use of dynamics completely changed the way I looked at the role of drums in music."

Describing himself as a 'multi-genre drummer' who plays with whom and whatever makes him buzz; he has played in rock, pop, metal, funk, reggae, electro dance and drum 'n' bass projects, and is deliriously buzzy about filling the drum stool position for The Lizard Kings.

"I've loved The Doors for 30 years now and they've been a major influence on how I view and play music. I also spent a fair few of those years wanting to be Jim Morrison, but right now I'm happiest being a Lizard King and honouring their music that way." 

Will Travel Throughout New Zealand

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